Workers Compensation

State law requires school districts to provide workers’ compensation coverage for all employees. The Arkansas School Boards Association created the ASBA Workers’ Compensation Trust, which presently includes all districts and all Education Service Cooperatives. The Trust covers 258 members with more than 90,000 employees and a combined payroll of over $2.8 billion.

The ASBA Workers’ Compensation Trust is regulated (rates, discounts, reserves) by the Arkansas Workers’ Compensation Commission. The ASBA Trust is administered by ASBA and overseen by a nine-member board. Experienced ASBA workers’ compensation specialists administer claims. Please direct all correspondence and claims forms to:

Risk Management Program
Arkansas School Boards Association
P. O. Box 165460
Little Rock, AR 72216-5460

Filing a Claim – Claims reported just three days late can add 20-25 percent to the total claim cost. Arkansas law mandates that the Workers’ Compensation Commission claim form (Form 1) be submitted within 10 days of the district’s knowledge of an injury. The process is:

  • Employer must report claims directly to ASBA within 48 hours of the employer being notified of the injury

  • Injured employee must complete Form N

  • ASBA will make mandatory filing with Arkansas Workers’ Compensation Commission

Claim Forms – Click here to access the Workers’ Compensation forms.
For more information, please contact the ASBA workers’ compensation staff at 1.501.492.4805.