Online Coursework

ASBA is pleased to offer online course opportunities for its members.

  • The deadline for taking an ASBA online course for credit this year is December 20, 2020. Any exams taken after that date may not be scored by December 31.

  • Courses may be completed for credit only once.

  • If you are uncertain whether you have taken a specific course, please contact Kathy Ivy at

  • Members may also verify credit hours earned by logging-in to their personal embrAMS (formerly eMembership) account. If you need assistance accessing login information, please contact Kathy Ivy at

COURSE FEES: The cost for each one-hour of credit is $40. Board members should advise the superintendent about the course and fee prior to completing the online course for credit so that the superintendent will anticipate receiving an invoice.


In partnership with the Arkansas PBS Television, Arkansas school board members have an avenue for accessing a number of video-based online professional development courses. Listed below are those currently offered (credit hours are in parenthesis):

  • Superintendent Evaluation Training (3 hours)

  • Module A: Using Data to Improve School Board Decision Making (1 hour)

  • Module B: Definitions, Concepts, and Processes For Understanding and Using Data (1 hour)

  • Module C: How Should Data Be Collected, Interpreted, and Used By Boards to Improve District Performance? (1 hour)

  • Module A: Legal Issues as Pertains to School Boards – Ethics (3 hours)

  • Inspired Teamwork and Leadership (3 hours)

  • ASBA Block I: Arkansas Laws and Rules Governing School Board Meetings (1 hour)

  • ASBA Block II: Parliamentary Procedures (1 hour)

  • ASBA Block III: Mock School Board Meeting Agenda (1 hour)

  • (New) Promoting Successful School Board Meetings (2 hours)

  • (New) A Forensic Review of School Board Meetings (1 hour)


To access these courses you will need to have an AR-PBS account, including a username and password.  In early 2020 ASBA courses for school board members were moved to Arkansas PBS’s Learn LMS (at the same time AETN became AR-PBS).  The UN and PW you used for AETN courses prior to 2020 will no longer work.


If you have not yet created a new account in Learn, you can do so by logging on to and following the instructions.

Your new account will be “pending” until you confirm your account.  To do this you will need to check your email for a confirmation email, open it and click to confirm your account.  If you don’t see it in your inbox, check your spam or junk folder.  If you don’t receive an email, contact the HELP desk at AR-PBS using the contact information shown below.


  • Persons attempting to create an account must first be listed in the ASBA database and then they must use the exact information they used for the ASBA database to create an account in the Learn LMS.  ASBA submits updated member information to AR-PBS on a quarterly basis.

  • Persons attempting to create an account and who are at first unsuccessful may not be in the ASBA database or they may be attempting to create an account with an email address that is not the one shown as their primary address in the ASBA database.

  • When setting up the account, you must follow the exact directions for creating a password.  Directly above the box for password creation are those instructions.  If these instructions are not followed precisely, a password will not be created.

  • Each account creator should write down all the account information they are using to create the account, i.e., email address, username, and password and keep it somewhere safe for future use.

  •  Be sure to find and respond to the confirmation email that you will be sent to activate your account.

If you need assistance, please contact the Arkansas PBS Help Desk

Arkansas PBS Help Desk
Monday - Friday 7:00 AM to 5:30 PM
Phone: (501) 682-0317
Closed on Arkansas State holidays

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School board members, who wish to receive ASBA credit for the courses in this portal, should first complete a course in its entirety. This includes your review and study of the lesson materials, completion of the activities, assessments (80% mastery is the minimum required), and the associated course survey. At the end of the course, within the survey section, you will be asked if you wish to receive ASBA credit for completing it. If you mark “YES,” and fill in where indicated, your name, the school district where you are a board member, email address, and telephone number, your district will be invoiced for the course fee(s) and your credit will be documented in your embrAMS account.