Beebe School Board

Congratulations to the Beebe School Board awarded the School Board of Excellence in Leadership Award! This award was created to showcase best practices in organizational leadership in support for educational performance, support for educational improvement projects, commitment to a code of ethics, maintenance of harmonious and supportive relationship among the members of the board, functions as a policy-making body with adherence to adopted policies, provision of financial support for their district, participation in training and other performance improvement programs, and supports and practices effective public relations and community awareness.

This year’s award goes to a district where their Board of Education is committed to exemplary ethical practices through adhering to the Arkansas School Board Association’s School Board Member Code of Ethics. There is evidence to show that every member of the board recognizes that it is their duty to stay informed, remain fair, and make decisions that are in the best interest of all students and staff within the district. The board follows all procedures in a lawful manner and is always careful to confirm the legality of their actions and decisions before moving forward on them.

Its members also pride themselves on maintaining harmonious and supportive relationships. Although they do not always agree on every decision, there is evidence to show how they work together to come to solutions that are best for our district’s staff and students. When the vote on an issue is not unanimous, the board stands unified in the actions taken after the decision’s been made. 

They make it their goal to be transparent with the school community to the greatest extent possible and also make it a priority to obtain community input in decision making.

. . . all of these things and more as they maintain a system that results in excellent student achievement.