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The last two years have been eventful to say the least as many of us interacted with others through a series of computer monitors, tablets, and/or smart phone screens. As school districts navigated the turbulent calendar year, school board members serving districts in Arkansas faced new challenges, too.  School board members were in the spotlight as they made important decisions on controversial matters based on what they determined was best for their local students and districts.  

As we start a new calendar, let’s take time to recognize and honor school board members in Arkansas.  School board members represent communities ranging from Arkansas’ oldest community of Georgetown served by the Ozark Mountain School District to the Southside community served by the Southside School District in Independence County.

Governor Asa Hutchinson declared January 2022 as Arkansas School Board Member Recognition Month during our Annual Conference in December. ASBA continues to observe the practice of recognizing and thanking our membership, school board members, in the month of January. 

I hope your district can make use of the suggestions and activities that are included in this activity planner.  It is my hope that your board members are appreciated for the time, talent, and leadership they provide every day to your district.  

Use the links below to download the documents.

Please use #SchoolBoardRecognitionMonth and/or #celebrateARschoolboards when you post recognition videos, photos, or information about your board on social media.

Thank you for your support in recognizing the contributions of school board members in Arkansas!

Tony Prothro Ed.D.
Executive Director, Arkansas School Boards Association