Star trophy with Board of Excellence nominations due October 31, 2022

Invitation to Apply


ASBA will be awarding the ASBA School Board of Excellence in Leadership Award during the 2022 Annual Conference.  This award is given to recognize school boards whose work, dedication, and ethical service have made a positive impact on the students in their district.  Districts will be chosen based on evidence from each of the following eight (8) criteria:  

  1. Focuses on and demonstrates support for student achievement  
  2. Supports educational improvement projects 
  3. Demonstrates commitment to a code of ethics 
  4. Maintains harmonious and supportive relationships among members of the board and with the superintendent 
  5. Functions as a policy-making body with adherence to adopted policies  
  6. Provides oversite for district finances and budget that support continuous improvement by making decisions and taking actions that are consistent with the district’s strategic plan (vision, mission, and goals) and policies. 
  7. Participates in training, workshops, and other performance improvement programs 
  8. Supports and participates in relations efforts, including community awareness  

Two awards will be given at the 2022 ASBA Annual Conference that will be held December 7-9, 2022, as follows: 

  • 1 school district under student enrollment of 900 
  • 1 school district above student enrollment of 900 

Each award will be based upon a board’s performance over the school year immediately prior to the year in which the award is granted. (2021-2022) 

A complete set of information and instructions can be viewed HERE.  Once you are familiar with the information/instructions and want to apply for consideration, the electronic application form may be accessed here  The entire application, including the narrative response for each criterion and supporting materials/documents, will be submitted electronically using the application form.  If you have questions regarding the ASBA School Board of Excellence in Leadership Award or the process for making application, please contact Tammie Reitenger, ASBA Board Development Director, at 501-492-4822 or via email at